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About Our Featured DJ Larry Zelaya - DJ LZ

Born in Ventura, CA., Larry had been introduced to music by his parents Maria and Tito Zelaya. His mother, Maria, was a well -known singer and dancer. His father, Tito, was an extremely talented musician/ composer in El Salvador and Oxnard, CA. It was inevitable that Larry would somehow find a passion through music. He dabbled with different instruments (drum set to a saxophone) until he came across a turn table at young age of 12. 

His passion led him to get requests from fellow students & friends to provide mixed tapes for school dances & rallies. This led up to weekend gigs at house parties, mixing for friends who had the passion to rap and was quickly hired as a weekend DJ at a local club in Ventura. In 1995 Larry had the opportunity to move to WA with his family and long-time girlfriend, Jennifer. Soon after the move Larry and Jennifer became parents and it became apparent that the DJ life was to be put on hold to provide for his family and become a devoted father.

8 years and 3 kids later, Larry’s passion for music was still deeply urging him to get back into DJing. On his spare time (which was extremely limited) he would pursue ways to get back into the music world. With the support and encouragement of his family, Larry started his DJ business. His loyalty, charismatic attitude, detail oriented and rapport of hard work earned him the trust from colleagues and friends to provide sound & entertainment in their homes, business and wedding events. Larry’s passion to give back to the community & professional work has brought him positive reviews. He has earned his way to become the DJ at local schools to provide great music entertainment at proms, school dances & has become a resident DJ at Jantzen Beach Night Club in Portland, Oregon. 

Larry has a very like-able outgoing personality, very talented, passionate, excellent work ethics, provides extraordinary service and professional/detailed work. He has built his passion in creating a fun, memorable atmosphere  not only as a DJ but also as a Master of Ceremony (Emcee) 

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